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Destiny 2

IRONFIST will be participating in Destiny 2 when it is released.

Currently there is a Clan available here

IRONFIST World of Warcraft Guild

Come and Join us on the Burning Legion-US server in World of Warcraft. Currently casual play and just looking to have fun.

IRONFIST: Honor & Brotherhood

IRONFIST is a gaming community with a legacy stretching back further than a decade, made up of hundreds of members who all came to join us through our various gaming divisions of history but who have stayed within our community long after the game that brought them here faded from sight. We don't recruit for games, we recruit through games: our aspiration is for all new members to find comraderie within IRONFIST and stay with us for many years after the games that brought them here have become irrelevant in their lives. While you may have learned of IRONFIST through your interactions with us in a single game, know that our institution spans far beyond the scope of that single title - our membership unites across many existing gaming divisions and our history stretches back across a dozen titles.

The swamps of Hossin in Planetside, the depths of Molten Core in World of Warcraft, the Dome City of Global Agenda, the scorched salt-flats of Indar in Planetside 2, and the shores of Auroria in ArcheAge have all served as points of welcoming in new recruits to our community over the years. Right now, our members play together in dozens of games every day - but the core foundation of our activity centers around our current gaming divisions of ARMA, Warframe, League of Legends, Echo of Soul, Star Citizen, and World of Warcraft. These gaming divisions are institutions in their own right, led with the guidance of fine officers and structured to refine and enrich the experience of our members who choose to play that game. Nevertheless, our members play many games outside of the scope of these divisions every day. From intense Dota 2 matches to raucous Tabletop Simulator games, every night and day IRONFIST's members enjoy pure and simple gaming together.

If you are interested in becoming a member IRONFIST, please register for our website and APPLY TO JOIN. Know that what we aspire to test when we consider an applicant is the character of the person sitting in front of the keyboard, not the characters in they have in a game. It's normal in IRONFIST for members to know when to "put on their game-faces" and be serious versus those times when it's fine to screw-around - have fun, but don't show levity in the face of serious expectations.

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